What is Vaulting?

Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback whilst the horse is moving. The vaulting horse travels in a circle at the end of a lunge line, whist wearing a special designed surcingle, with two reinforced handles on the top for the rider to hold onto.


There are static and dynamic exercises. The static movement you must hold a position for a determined amount of time in order to perform the exercise. The dynamic exercises involve impulsion and jumping in which the vaulter turns their body to obtain certain movements.

Similar to ice skating there are compulsary and freestyle exercises, where each Vaulter can choose from many moves in his choreography. In freestyle exercises up to three Vaulters can perform together on top of the horse. Vaulting groups cannot exceed ten people.


Children can begin vaulting from the ages of six to seven years and will have a great advantage when at a later stage begin to learn to horse ride.
They will already have gained confidence in dealing with the horse and its reactions, as well as being perfectly balanced to enable them to achieve a good firm relaxed posture right from the start.



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