Advices on buying a horse

No matter where or from whom you want to buy a horse: We encourage you to competent and impartial advice by our expert Tanja. She will advise you objectively whether the horse will be your demands, but not overwhelmed you, too.

Guidance includes:

  • Assessing the general condition of the horse
  • Test the level of training of the horse

Basically, we always recommend, especially when buying high-priced horses, an Examination by the veterinarian.

A telephone consultation in advance is, of course, free.
Please phone Tanja on Tel. (+34) 610 23 43 31.


Examination by the veterinarian

Horse Transports (regionally)

We are happy to transport your horse within the province of Alicante (Callosa d'En Sarriā +60 km) and complete the formalities for the transport of horses (Permssion for the transport etc.)



  • Horse Riding Centre
  • 'Rancho La Ofra'
  • Callosa d'En Sarriā (Alicante)
  • Costa Blanca
  • Spain
  • Phone: (+34) 610 23 43 31
  • Phone: (+34) 666 25 86 93